Christian Students on Campus welcomes students across Canada to love the Lord Jesus Christ—whether you are a new believer, a continuing seeker, or simply curious. We come from different backgrounds, so in all of our fellowship and worship we like to uplift and exalt one person, Jesus Christ! Our focus is the Lord, not on any other person, matter, or teaching. We desire to maintain the oneness of the Spirit, and pray that all His believers would arrive at the oneness of the faith (Eph. 4:3, 13). We believe the secret to a happy and purpose-filled Christian life is in cultivating an intimate and personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and meeting with fellow believers to strengthen, encourage, and build up one another in our most holy faith. We endeavour to know the Bible, experience the riches of Christ, and enjoy fellowship. Join your local community today to get plugged in!

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Celebration Meeting

We are so thankful the Lord brought us together and gave us the opportunity to share Christ with one another. If you missed out you can watch our end of term celebration meeting here! Sing along and listen to the many testimonies of students and families from this past semester.

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